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1 In 4 People Worldwide Will Die From Cardiovascular Disease.


Will You?


You Don’t Have To!


The 12-Week Heart Failure Rehabilitation

& Cardiac Health Coaching Program


“Health Coaches will shape the future of healthcare. Health Coaches provide the instruction, the tools, the information, the facilitation of behavior change and the information exchange that leads to the creation of health rather than the suppression of symptoms or disease.”


Dr. Mark Hyman, Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine



What Is The Heart Failure Rehabilitaion & Cardiac Health Coaching Program?




















The healthy heart cardiac health coaching program is a personalized online cardiac health coaching program that provides you with a custom roadmap, tools, coaching and support necessary to both proactively prevent cardiovascular disease, and to improve and optimize your heart health and function following a cardiac event or diagnosis.


Each enrollee in the Healthy Heart Cardiac Coaching Program works one on one with me, certified health coach, personal trainer, and nutrition coach, Anthony Robinson. I work with you directly to create and implement a custom cardiac health coaching program designed to meet you where you're at now in regards to your current health status and structured progressively to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.


You will never be given a cookie cutter program designed for the masses. Everything we do is tailored specifically to you and your individual situation, needs, and goals.


The process begins by first having you complete detailed questionnaires regarding your goals and objectives and your health, activity, and nutrition history. Upon receipt and thorough review of your questionnaire I will begin creating phase-one of your custom cardiac health coaching program, you will then be scheduled for the first of your weekly consultations via Skype or phone (your choice) where we will discuss and review your current status and goals while implementing the first phase of your custom program.


Each week throughout the program we will continue to meet via Skype or phone to discuss your progress and make any necessary modifications to ensure you remain on track and continue to progress towards your goals. In addition, you will have unlimited email support throughout the program. 


My passion for cardiac health stems not just from my role as a certified health coach and previously working with cardiac patients, but from the fact that I am also a cardiac patient myself. I was diagnosed with advanced heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, two deadly diagnoses in February of 2018, with my heart's ejection fraction in the low twenty percents. I was at first told I would likely need to have surgery to have an LVAD (Left ventricular assist device) implanted and because of my relatively young age for a heart failure patient I would most likely need a heart transplant in the future to continue to stay alive. 


However, in conjunction with my doctor's treatment and the application of the principles I have taught for years as a certified health coach, personal trainer, and nutrition coach I was able to completely reverse my deadly diagnosis and normalize my heart function in less than 1-year. You can see more about my journey in this story featured on the front page of the Sacramento Bee in 2018.


























Because of my career, I was lucky enough to have the knowledge of what to do to put my body and mind in the best position to respond to treatment and heal myself, but as I spoke with other cardiac patients while going through 3 months of cardiac rehabilitation it  quickly became apparent that most people did not have the knowledge necessary to positively influence their outcomes. Which was why I chose to create this health coaching program focusing on cardiac health, to support and guide with my knowledge and experience as to what to do to optimize cardiac health.


As your personal health coach, my role is to bridge the gap between your doctor's treatment and recommendations and the implementation of those recommendations into your daily life to not just improve and manage but to optimize your health outcome. 


Medical treatment today all too often revolves around the treatment and management of symptoms, while frequently failing to adequately address the underlying causes of sickness and disease.  


Most often when a condition is diagnosed by your physician you will be put on a pharmaceutical protocol in an effort to manage and slow the progress of the disease or sickness and then you will be given some basic advice in regards to lifestyle modifications that generally include improving your diet, getting more exercise and losing weight. 


However, unlike the drug therapy you are given, which provides very specific directions in terms of what drugs to take as well as when and how often to take them the directions for lifestyle modification are most often vague at best, usually consisting of just a handout sheet of paper. 


This is unfortunate because the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly clear that lifestyle modification greatly improves health outcomes in patients diagnosed with a cardiac condition or cardiovascular disease as well as a preventative measure.


As your health coach, I will be your partner and coach, helping you live your best and healthiest life possible.


It would be my honor and privilege to be your personal health coach and help you take control of your health and future starting now.





















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Heart Failure Survivor &.

Heart Failure Rehabilitation Coach