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When I was diagnosed with heart failure and pulmonary hypertension I was devastated. I thought it was my death sentence, but then I

became fanatically obsessed with reversing my conditions, restoring my health and living an active lifestyle again.

I became consumed with knowing everything I could about heart disease and heart failure and what I could do to beat it. I read every bit of research and every study I could get my hands on. In the process, I discovered and tested numerous things I could do in addition to my doctor's treatment plan that would increase my odds of recovering.

I believe that we as patients also have a responsibility to make ourselves the best recipients of medical care possible, meaning that we must do everything within our power to make our bodies, hearts, and minds their healthiest in addition to the medical treatment plan prescribed by our doctors.

If we are truly serious about doing all that we can do to maximize our odds of recovery we must be just as serious about our eating and nutritional choices while also having a structured program for movement, exercise, and mental wellness that works to optimize both overall health and heart health and function. Not doing so limits odds for recovery.

By creating and following such a program and in addition to my doctor's treatment plan I was able to fully reverse my heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. I created this site as a place to share ways to prevent, manage and reverse heart failure and disease